About Me



about me

I'm a software engineer from Dallas, Texas, currently working at Google on Local Search & Google Maps. I am also one of the BBC's 100 Inspiring & Innovative Women.

As the child of Vietnamese refugees & Filipino immigrants, I care deeply about financially & legislatively elevating migrant workers from the Philippines & all other nations rendered "developing" / "third-world" due to forceful colonization by the West. I think a lot about how colonialism that dates centuries back still affects industries & places widely considered progressive today, like tech & San Francisco.

When I was a Computer Science student at Stanford, after experiencing sexual harassment at a tech company, I started Women of Silicon Valley to celebrate the women who kept me afloat. When I joined Google full-time, I integrated WoSV into its 20% program. So, on top of being a full-time software engineer, I also manage a team of eight amazing women who have each volunteered their diverse expertise to the project.

When I'm not coding by day & plotting the dismantling of the patriarchy by night, I'm a certified Rover dog walker. I speak English & Italian.